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Rod McCarthy (drums, backing vocals)

Rod has a wide spectrum of professional music industry experience, from professional drummer to founder of Castle Gate Entertainment and KingMac Productions. Originally a guitarist, his brother's drum pad helped Rod realize by age 7 that drumming is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

His journey began playing in concert, jazz, and marching bands from elementary through high school. Later, he started playing professionally in clubs, studios, concerts, and on national TV.  He founded Castle Gate Entertainment and booked mostly original acts throughout New England - such as Ben Orr, Missing Persons, Chuck, Avatar Blue, Farrenheit, and Beetlejuice.  He started King Mac Productions to support upcoming artist in the Pop/Hip hop genre, including hip hop group ID3, who went on to tour with Hillary Duff.

Rod's writing & dynamic performance enhance the tune and energy of every song he touches. He has always been a pocket and groove drummer who ensures tempos are played exactly as the song is written, and is a master at playing to a click track. The stage always feels like home to Rod and despite his serious attitude toward drumming, Rod also loves to ham it up with his enthusiastic personality. Rod specializes in rock, alternative rock, pop, progressive rock, funk and country. He proudly endorses Rich Sticks custom drumsticks.

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